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Lately, Hello Games released no Man’s Sky update 1.21 after announcing it yesterday. No Man’s Sky Pathfinder update provides the home planet exploration vehicles, new multi-tools, 4K PS4 Pro support patch and much more content updates. Here’s what we should know to date concerning the No Man’s Sky Update 1.21.

New Pathfinder Systems

Based on the official No Man’s Sky site, the Pathfinder update brings new game play content and enhancements towards the game. Visual updates, multiple ship possession, PS4 Pro support, Exocrafts, Exocraft races, new shops and traders, base building updates, multi-tool tweaks, and Permadeath mode are the new content in No Man’s Sky. Players will certainly find something totally new to savor in No Man’s Sky update 1.21.

Starship Specialization

By the game’s new build, the Starships employed for general travel will possess the formerly guaranteed starship specialization. The update reveals four specializations namely, Fighter, Shuttle, Hauler, and Explorer. The Fighters focus on combat, Haulers have expanded cargo holds, and Explorers have better warp abilities. Meanwhile, the Shuttle starships have-around stats for players who would like reliability than specialization.

Throughout the first couple of days of No Man’s Sky’s release, fans have observed most of the guaranteed content didn’t allow it to be within the full game. The Starship specialization was among the guaranteed features that wasn’t there on launch. Potentially, Hello Games may begin obtaining their promises and can include the missing content later on updates.


Formerly, Hello Games only revealed “home planet exploration vehicles” content within the Pathfinder update announcement last March 7. By No Man’s Sky update 1.21, we’ve the Exocrafts and contains three types namely the Nomad, Roamer, and Colossus. The Nomad includes a small cargo size, however it moves fast and may glide on water. Meanwhile, the Roamer is a brand-terrain vehicle you can use they are driving over rough terrain and it is considered a flexible type of vehicle. Lastly, the Colossus is big and slow Exocraft that may carry a lot of loot, which is ideal for farming sources.

Exocrafts can be purchased from Vy’keen technicians. These vehicles also provide scanners to identify structures in the world. At the best, Exocrafts will certainly help players to pre-plan their house planets faster and plan accordingly on how to proceed next.

New Multi-Tools and Weapons

Four new Multi-Tool specializations namely the Pistol, Rifle, Experimental and Alien happen to be confirmed within the Pathfinder update. Pistols be more effective for mining tasks. Meanwhile, the Rifle leans toward combat use. The Experimental specializations are centered on Checking. Lastly, the Alien specialization are seen as the rarest and finest specialization, although the site doesn’t explain what it really does.

Much like ships, weapons can also get quality classes. Four quality classes happen to be confirmed namely the A category, B class, C class, and S class. Multi-tools may also be traded directly into buy another Multi-tool having a discount.

Other Changes

No Man’s Sky update 1.21 also brings the Permadeath mode and patch notes because of its game play changes. Permadeath mode has got the same difficulty as Survival mode and can delete the type permanently when the player dies. Furthermore, update 1.21 also puts a twist on Survival Mode as dying wide will crash your ship in to the nearest planet and spawn you from your ship. Lastly, the update 1.21 patch notes lists alterations in the game’s audio, starships, space game play, general game play, base building, interface, visuals, and platform specific tweaks. Stay updated with increased No Man’s Sky news here on TheBitBag.

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