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Lately, Ubisoft launched a seamless maintenance on For Recognition to prevent AutoBlock scripters and connect the entire screen option. However, fans observe that the entire screen fix doesn’t work along with other problems have to be solved fast to help keep the sport healthy. Here’s what we should know of the recent For Recognition PC update.

Easy AntiCheat Update

Based on Reddit user MrEricPope’s publish, Ubisoft ran a maintenance that supposedly fixes some incompatibility difficulties with nVidia graphics chips and improves recognition of key scripts. The incompatibility fix apparently enables players to finally make use of the full screen mode on their own Computers. Meanwhile, the raised key script recognition stop AutoBlock cheat programs set for Recognition. To date, fans still can’t make use of the fullscreen mode, yet others want AutoBlock cheat users to become banned soon.

Full Screen For Map Awareness

Set For Recognition, general map awareness is essential to surviving and protecting in matches. Players can really possess a blindspot set for Recognition which could expose their back during locked-on duels or their sides during free roam mode. Players can’t get full benefit of their screen size when they can’t use full screen mode during battles. Possibly Ubisoft will improve this For Recognition PC update soon to assist players.

Auto Block Cheat

Blocking set for Recognition is vital to living in matches. However, Auto Block cheats permit the players to possess impeccable defense and instantly make sure they are a powerful player within the match. Facing opponents that won’t take damage is tough to cope with as they possibly can strike back once you’re from stamina or simply stall you against getting objectives.

Generally, allowing cheats to thrive in competitive games damages its fanbase as players will quit the sport once they discover that damaged tactics and cheats will not be fixed. Presently, fans would also like AutoBlock users to obtain banned in another For Recognition PC update.

Other conditions

Fans also have introduced in the AFK farming issue that presently plagues the standard game play. Some players have apparently gone AFK in matches simply to get xp and never fight whatsoever. This leaves another active teammates to battle having a disadvantage.

Fans have stated the game’s imbalance in equipment and talent system which have forced cheating in to the game. Apparently, Prestige 3 equipment create a large stat improvement in battles. Furthermore, players will need to rank up their character to unlock its skills. Players with lower ranks will need to get by using their current skills and therefore are disadvantaged against higher level players. Some players resorted to 3rd-party programs to win and progress set for Recognition  We’ll have to hang about until Ubisoft rolls out another patch to repair these problems set for Recognition. Stay updated with increased gaming news here on TheBitBag.

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