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Gear box Software have a panel in the approaching PAX East 2017 next March 12. You will see “never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises” within the approaching Gear box panel. Can we see Borderlands 3 in the one-and-a-half-hour lengthy Gear box Software panel?

“Inside Gear box Panel”

Based on the official PAX East 2017 site, the interior Gear box Panel may happen at PAX East 2017’s primary stage on March 12, 10:30 am to 12 nn. The panel page pointed out Borderlands, Battleborn, and Siblings in Arms, but we’ve yet to understand if Gear box will really discuss updates about these games. However, this panel gives their fans some hope of seeing future updates and records from the games.

Borderlands 3?

Since Borderlands was pointed out, Borderlands 3 may finally be discussed within the approaching Gear box panel. Gear box Software’s Randy Pitchford confirmed last 2016 their next game could be Borderlands. We’ve yet to understand any information regarding this latest Borderlands entry and it’ll help if Gear box starts speaking regarding their progress. As recently, Gear box Software has yet to go over the sport outdoors the Borderlands project confirmation and a few easter time eggs in Battleborn.

First Reveals

To date, no official Borderlands 3 information continues to be revealed. Players have no idea anything about Borderlands 3’s game play and figures. Gear box Software should start revealing details about the sport soon to orient fans.

Borderlands 3 Teases To Date

Battleborn fans began decoding some Morse code they heard through Varelsi portals based in the new game content. The decoded morse codes were confirmed to become messages about Borderlands rather of the tease for any future Battleborn event. Gear box Software might have began the Borderlands 3 teases as soon as individuals easter time egg mentions.

The Borderlands morse code easter time eggs in Battleborn says some entities are attempting to contact the “Children from the Vault” to visit Promethea as they’re this is not on the Pandora planet any longer. The easter time eggs also hint that Tannis isn’t what she appears. Lastly, the entities also cautioned from the opening of Vaults. Gear box Software may explain what this message is all about within their approaching PAX East 2017 panel.

The upcoming PAX East 2017 panel will be a great opportunity for Gearbox Software to talk about Borderlands 3 outside E3. The latest Borderlandsentries are at least two to three years old right now. It might be time for them to finally reveal the next Borderlands entry that fans have been waiting for.

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