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DVD-HD cost-driven decision

The fight within the standard for optical dvds utilized in high-definition video intensified on Wednesday in Japan.

Memory-Tech, certainly one of Japan’s largest optical disc makers, shown manufacture of HD-DVD dvds utilizing a slightly modified DVD production line at its factory within the sleepy village of Akeno on Thursday. The organization stated it can produce HD-DVDs initially confined of approximately 10 percent over current DVDs, and quickly proceed to near-DVD prices.

Memory-Tech demonstrated an optical disc production line turning out HD-DVD dvds for a price, or cycle-time, of 1 every 3.5 seconds. After several minutes of production, the road was stopped and switched to DVD production by swapping the disc rubber stamping tool. The switch required around 5 minutes, then exactly the same production line switched out DVDs in a cycle duration of 3 seconds.

“It is really an illustration of cutting-edge production technology in the middle of the countryside,” stated Ryoichi Hayatsu, chief manager of NEC’s first storage division. The HD-DVD format continues to be largely produced by NEC and Toshiba.

Cost, not quality defines winning format

The truth that the Memory-Tech demonstration has centered on optical disc production and never the greater consumer-friendly regions of picture or seem quality could indicate the fight between HD-DVD and also the rival Blu-ray Disc format is going to be fought against away from the family room however in the board rooms of major movie producers and DVD distributors.

The main reason: with regards to picture and seem quality, which both consumers and content producers have a tendency to scrutinize carefully, there’s little to inform the 2 formats apart. Both deliver digital high-definition images that many users could be hard-pressed to differentiate. HD-DVD comes with an edge for the reason that it uses more complex video compression codecs, but backers of Blu-ray Disc will also be thinking about utilizing the same codecs – MPEG-4 and Microsoft.’s VC9 – thus eliminating this edge against your competitors later on.

However, in which the two formats differ is in disc production. HD-DVD dvds share exactly the same fundamental structure as DVDs but Blu-ray Disc, in comparison, utilizes a new structure requiring new production lines, that will increase costs, a minimum of initially.

Already, representatives of countless content producers, including Time Warner, Wally Disney and Fox Broadcasting, happen to be proven exactly the same demonstration and were impressed, based on Hayatsu. “They stated cost is an essential. Whether it costs even one cent more then you definitely lose,” he stated.

Technology discussing

Memory-Tech aims to lessen cycle occasions to three seconds inside a year approximately, based on Kanji Katsuura, Memory-Tech’s leader of technology for next-generation DVD. Beyond that, 2.5 seconds is feasible, he stated. By reduction of the cycle time the disc production costs should fall.

Memory-Tech will release information on its production technology to assist convince other DVD makers that HD-DVDs could be created easily, based on Katsuura. “The gear makers are prepared,Inch he stated.

Hayatsu underscored the various approaches from the Blu-ray Disc and also the HD-DVD camps. The new sony is pushing to build up a quad-layer disc able to storing as much as 100GB of knowledge, the organization stated earlier this year. Blu-ray Disc backers are promoting we’ve got the technology like a storage and playback technology. Memory-Tech, however, will not go near a 3-layer or 4-layer disc technology due to the expense.

“Our target would be to realize a dual-layer with under a 40 percent cost increase, when we create a two-layer disc and also the price is greater than 40 percent, there’s no meaning,” Hayatsu stated.

“We’re a lot more practical guys,” he stated, evaluating the main difference in approach between your HD-DVD and Blu-ray camps. “They’re just concentrating on we’ve got the technology. We concentrate on current technology and just how much we are able to extend it. But they would like to jump (to some completely new technology).”


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